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"Certified & Accredited Personal Property Appraisal Services"



Certified Appraisal Reports: Insurance Disputes; Estate Appraisal, Divorce Appraisal,

and Business Appraisals. by Certified Personal Property Appraisers


CERTIFIED ACCREDITED PERSONAL PROPERTY APPRAISER APPRAISAL | Expert  Witness | Appraiser for Insurance Claim Disputes | Estate Probate Appraisal | Valuation of Value (FMV) Fair Market Value(ACV) Actual  Cash Value appraisal reports.

We are qualified appraisers who maintain high ethical standards and who have been trained to produce high-caliber reports.  Leaders in Appraiser for Insurance Claim Section 128 – Fire Smoke |  Water Flood Damage | Theft | Auto Accident. Certified & Accredited  Personal Property Appraisal Report - (FMV) - (ACV).

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INSURANCE CLAIM DISPUTE SECTION 128 – APPRAISER | APPRAISAL - Low Auto Insurance Claim Proof of Loss Offers?


An appraisal is a binding contractual process available to settle valuation disputes between policyholders and their insurance companies when they fail to agree on the amount of loss or the scope of damages.  An appraisal can help you choose how much insurance coverage to buy in order to protect your assets. The outcome of the insurance appraisal is a statement of the asset's total insurable value, which helps an insurer compensate the owner for the cost of replacing the property based on its replacement value.

Section 128 of the Insurance Act provides a unique process to resolve disputes between insurers and policyholders as to the value of lost or damaged property under a property insurance policy. You can Appoint Appraisal Ontario as your Appraiser. The Insurance Appraisal Process - Proof of Loss The 'Appraisal Feature' of most Ontario polices provides a mechanism to resolve ALL disputed matters with a quick, cost-effective solution.

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ESTATE | PROBATE APPRAISER | APPRAISAL Probate is the legal process for administering and distributing an individual's estate after death. Appraising the deceased person's property is an important part of this process for several reasons, such as figuring out whether the estate is subject to estate tax and determining how to fairly divide assets among the estate's beneficiaries according to the deceased person's will or Provincial laws. Estate Appraisers or known as Probate Tax Appraisals. Call us today!

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DIVORCE | EQUALIZATION APPRAISER | APPRAISAL - Appraiser of all Property Appraisal Divorce is paramount for an equalization or divison of marital assets.

Ontario's property equalization scheme under the Family Law Act. For each spouse, subtract the date of marriage assets from the valuation date assets for equalization as the result of separation, death, or divorce. A Divorce Personal Property Appraiser is the first professional that your Divorce Lawyer or arbitrator should call.

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BUSINESS VALUATION / GOODWILL APPRAISER | APPRAISAL - We are leaders in properly Appraising your Business, for a fraction of the cost of major international Firms.

The appraisal of real property is completed on a before-tax basis, whereas a business valuation is undertaken on an after-tax basis. The circumstances of the engagement will dictate if the business valuation deducts corporate taxes, personal taxes, or both.

We provide appraisals on all types of machinery, equipment and inventories. We offer written, professionally designed Personal Property Appraisals.

We have hand selected 'Accredited Personal Property Appraisers' that have proven to be Ethical, Honest, Professional. They all have had an extensive Independent Background Verifications and proven History of Good Business Practices:

Most of our Appraisers belong to the: American Society of Appraisers - ASA, International Society of Appraisers - ISA, Appraisers Association of America - AAA, Canadian Personal Property Appraisal Group - CPPAG and many USPAP - Independent Certified Personal Property Appraisers as well.

Providing accurate evaluations. Appraisals in are critical to corporations; lenders, lawyers, insurance companies and many more. WE Are leaders in providing ONLINE Desktop Appraisals in North America since 2008!

Our Teams of Appraisal Experts have earned a reputation for accuracy, rapid response, and delivering solid and reliable appraisals. We are known for conduct and integrity that is governed by a code of ethics. We always maintain the Code of Ethics and expected standards of practice that are to be USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice), appraisal standards - which have been generally accepted by most North American Appraisal organizations.

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We are Professionals, we are not influenced in any way,other than to make sure that the belongings

get the highest amount possible.


Insurance Dispute Resolution | Appraiser - Fire | Water | Wind | Theft | POST-LOSS| Insurance Appraisal / Land Building Contents Appraisal | Insurance Appraisal Reports |Proof of Loss Insurance Claim Dispute Resolution |Policy Qualifications |

Divorce / Separation | by Certified Personal Property Appraiser - Divorce Appraisal | Equalization Division of Assets Appraisal | Separation Agreement Appraisal |

Tax |by Certified Personal Property Appraiser - OSAP Appraisal |Sales Tax Appraisal | Bankruptcy Proposals | Charity Donation Tax Appraisal | | Service Ontario Independent Appraiser (MTO) Tax 1159E |

Financial Valuation |Chattels |Equipment | Lease Holds |Goodwill | by Certified Personal Property Appraiser - Restaurant Equipment Appraisal | Appraisal of Chattels | Bank Loan Appraisal | Dividing Business Assets Appraisal | Buying Business Appraisal | Selling Business Appraisal  | Business Valuation Appraisal

ONLINE Appraisal by Certified Personal Property Appraiser ONLY $22.00 + options:
Classic Motorcycle Appraisal | Classic Pick-up Appraisal | Classic Vintage Appraisal | Classic Bike Motorcycle Appraisal | Truck Trailer Appraisal | Car Appraisal | Truck Appraisal | Bike Appraisal | RV Appraisal |Motor Home Appraisal | Camper Appraisal | SUV Sports Utility Vehicle Appraisal | Boat Appraisal | Service Ontario Independent Appraiser (MTO) Tax 1159E |

If you require you HOUSE; COTTAGE, ANY STRUCTURE/ BUILDING or LAND - WE CAN NOT HELP YOU - You must call a 'Real Estate Appraiser'.

Our Clients – public and private corporations; financial institutions, receivers and trustees in bankruptcy: rely on our experienced appraisals to accurately value assets for financing; disposals, insurance, merger and acquisition purposes. They expect and always receive Professional and Reliable Appraisals. All Assets that are NOT 'Real Property'.

We are equipped with, Certified and Accredited Personal Property Appraisers that are EXPERT WITNESSESS in Ontario.

Certified Personal Property Ontario Appraisals: All appraisals are fully documented; researched, entered into our proprietary appraisal software, producing all supportive research and packaged professionally.


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