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Divorce Appraisal / Equalization of Matrimonial Assets

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Starting a Divorce Claim in Ontario Provincial Court, or Superior Court - preparing and managing a Divorce can be a complicated and difficult procedure. In Ontario, but each spouse is often entitled to some portion of all matrimonial property.


The term is known as Equalization or the distribution of marital assets, requires a careful description and valuation of Vehicles, Boats, Furniture, Accessories, Jewelry, Antiques and other household items. We can help by providing a detailed and descriptive inventory to accurately Appraise all of your commonly held personal property.


Your Divorce Lawyer will receive a thorough, objective report that meets the standards and guidelines of USPAP (uniform standards of professional appraisals practice), or that satisfies the requirements of Ontario Court Ordered Equitable Distribution / Equalization.


Property Appraisal Divorce is paramount for an equalization of marital assets. A Divorce Personal Property Appraiser is the first professional that the attorney or arbitrator should call.


Here are the reasons why:

An unbiased Personal Property Divorce Appraisal by an accredited appraiser can be used by both parties to cut down appraisal cost, attorney cost and litigation time.

Negotiations are usually much quicker and very simple with a mutual Divorce Property Appraisal.

The value of all assets are made irrefutable and acceptable by both parties as of the date of divorce.

A Divorce Property Appraisal includes personal property (the business, the vehicles, jewelry, art, guns, antiques, rugs, collectable's furniture, machinery, equipment, computers, logos, trademarks, inventory, coins, bullion, gems, pensions, retirement plans and all other assets that can be moved) providing an inventory of all assets to be divided.

If the other spouse does not agree to use the same appraiser or an accredited Divorce Property Appraisal, your appraisal will be defended in court by an Expert Appraisal Witness, and the other spouse will have to defend a weak value if they have one at all!



The Appraiser conducting a Divorce Property Appraisal will:


Identify and locate all the assets of the marital estate,

Determine ownership of said property,


Value the assets as of the date of dissolution using a type of valuation that is relevant.

Be willing to give expert testimony should the Divorce Property Appraisal enter litigation.


The Divorce Property Appraisal report is written so it can be clearly understood, prepared in a timely manner and prepared according to the latest requirements outlined in Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). All Appraisals are in compliance with the standards and ethics as set forth in Professional Societies, and Associations of Professional Appraisers.






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