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We have established cliental throughout the Province such as; Adair Morse LLC., Caisse Populaire, CIBC, Bank of Montreal, Scotia Bank, TD - Toronto Dominion Bank, City of London, City of Ottawa, City of Ingersoll, First Nations, Grant Thornton Limited,& Touche LLP, BDO Canada, Lease Link Canada Corp, State Farm Insurance, The Ministry of the Attorney General, and many others. Our solutions can fit any size business; from Corporate And General, small business, individuals and the general public. We are ACCREDITED and LICENCED with the Ministry of Finance and continue to expand our Professional Memberships and Designations.


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All Reports are Shipped and Insured
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Full On-Site Inspection, Valuation Assignments:

Full On-Site Inspection, Valuation Assignments - We clearly provide FULL DISCLOSURE to our clients.

All Appraisal requests are sent in a Written Proposal and are GUARANTEED in writing . This has proven to insure that there is no miss-communication or errors in our client's requests.

On acceptance of our proposal(s) we will require the client to sign a statement of account; Appraisal Agreement and our Disclosure Letter.

Once we have received the signed documents, we would book the exact time and date of the inspection. We would enter into a Mutual Undertaking Agreement, which would outline our duties, responsibilities and timelines. This agreement would also contain a non disclosure agreement, with conditions for each assignment. We include full disclosure and penalties if we do not full fill our end of the agreement. Before the Appraisal Inspection appointment is booked, we may require up to 50% up front of the fee structure listed in the Appraisal Agreement and or a deposit may be required prior to the time of inspection.

The balance of the assignment is due and payable prior to the Appraisal Report delivery.

At the time of delivery of the report, would also include all data; complete market analysis, references to the comparison working sheets, images, provided assets lists and all working notes. All this information would be the property of the client and we would only retain a finalized copy for our archives. At all times, all information conveyed verbally or in any other form will be the property of the client. We will maintain our Copyright under the previsions of each assignment, not unless stated or agreed upon.



Research, Documentation and Hourly Fees:

appraisal hourly rate Appraiser's Hourly Rate/Time - (Effective JAN 1ST 2019) $ 385.00 per hour + HST
onsite appraisal inspection On - Site Inspections $ 35.00 per hour + HST
documentation report writing appraisal Documentation / Report Writing $ 35.00 per hour + HST
time it take to do an appraisal report Administrative Time $ 35.00 per hour + HST
research time certified appraisal report Research Time $ 65.00 per hour + HST
over 50 items Appraisal Report Investigation and Gathering Market Comparable's $ 65.00 per hour + HST
over 50 items Appraisal Flat Rate Appraisals are Available - please ask for further details.

Every appraisal is unique and a written proposal will outline the actual time and charges per assignment.

The appraisal time usually and report depending on the complexity of the item(s) and the requirements for the end appraisal report.



Desktop (No Site Visit) Appraiser Fees:


If the assignment is only required to be complied in a PDF format & delivered electronically ONLY.

Fees Start at just $195.00 for Desktop Appraisal, plus optional delivery choices.

The Appraisal is based on all the information; descriptions, photos etc are disclosed and delivered to the Appraiser to complete the Appraisal. THERE IS NO ON-SITE INSPECTION BY A CERTIFIED APPRAISER.

This type of report is good for the majority of clients and in most cases

BUT WILL NOT Satisfy Tax - Insurance Apprisal Claims - Court Proceedings.

1 to 5 items Appraisal report 20+ Pages - 1 to 5 items $195 plus - HST
6 to 24 items Appraisal report 20+ Pages - 6 to 24 items $295 plus - HST
25 to 50 items Appraisal 20+ Pages - 25 to 50 items $495 plus - HST
over 50 items Appraisal 50+ items. We will provide a written Proposal.  


Other Appraisal Fees: *plus delivery options

MTO/OSAP TAX Form1159 Appraisal 1 Page - MTO/OSAP TAX Form1159 $ 22.00* plus - HST
Vehicle/Motorcycle Appraisal 1 Page - Vehicle/Motorcycle Appraisal $ 22.00* plus - HST
Appraisal Certificates 1 Page - Appraisal Certificates $250.00 plus - HST
Letter of Opinion Certified 1 Page - Letter of Opinion Certified $250.00 plus - HST
Insurance Vehicle Appraisal 20+ Pages - Insurance Vehicle Appraisal - NEWER VEHICLES $250.00* plus - HST
Electronic Delivery PDF FREE
Full Colored Printed, Booklet Format Report AT COST
Additional Copies/Re-Prints Actual Cost
Sent via Courier Service Actual Cost

Appraiser's Comprehensive Appraisal Services Include:

- An Extensive Report with Information Documenting the Details of the Vehicle

  • Record of Identifying Numbers and Historical Documents, as Available
  • Photographs of the Vehicle, Providing Evidence of the Vehicle's Current Condition
  • Estimated Current Market Value - Based on Thorough Research Results
  • Certification Stamp by a Licensed Appraiser
  • 2 Copies of a Presentation Quality Appraisal with Hi Resolution Photos
  • 2 Certificates of Appraisal with Embossed RED SEAL - Printed on Certificate Stock

An Appraiser's Inspection takes approximate 1- 2 hours, while a Pre-Purchase Inspection may take longer.

After gathering the required information, and taking digital photographs of your vehicle, the inspection agent will review the information with you, and submit it to our appraisal and publishing departments in order to research the estimated fair market value, and to compile a professionally formatted appraisal, which will be mailed to you in printed form. Payment for all appraisal services is due prior to, or immediately upon completion of the inspection. Appraisals are Mailed via USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation Unless Otherwise Arranged.

All Inspections, Appraisals and Related Research are Performed by Auto Appraisers and/or by Appraisers Certified by the PPASC Personal Property Appraisal Society of Canada, who have Personally Owned, Repaired and Restored Corvettes and Muscle Cars, Exotic Automobiles, Specialty Vehicles, Collector Cars and Motorcycles.

Rush Service, Additional Copies, and CD ROM - DVD - Electronic Versions are Available.

* Prices Subject to Change Without Notice
* Additional Fuel Charges May Apply if Greater Than a 25 km from every major city in Ontario
* Additional Charges May Apply for Insurance Company Required Forms or Other Paperwork
* Long Distance and International Phone Calls Must be Incoming at Client's Expense
* International Mailing Fees Additional


OUR FEES are competitive with Today's Market:
We have NO
WE DO NOT CHARGE a Commission
on any of our Appraisals.

FREE Consultations & Written Proposals.
Everything is in writing - before we begin.


MTO Tax Appraisal and OSAP Ontario Student Assistance Program MTO Tax Appraisal and OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program):


Our Appraisals are Guaranteed Insurance Industry & Government Accepted. And are Ontario Ministry of Finance (OMF) licensed. Thus setting parameters in the event of any future claim. MTO Appraisal Services - (OMF form 1159) motor vehicle appraisal record of the Used Vehicle Information Program of the Ontario Ministry of Finance (retail sales tax branch) click here for more details - MTO / OSAP Tax Appraisal

Estate or Probate Appraisal Estate or Probate Appraisal:

We also do estate evaluations and documentation analysis reports, for smaller estates. Fees can be altered to fit in with your needs and budget. We are always happy to discuss our fee structure with you.

Conditions of Sale/Contract - Our fees for a complete CONTENT OR ESTATE SALE start much lower than the large Toronto Companies. We start at 5% of the price obtained for all goods sold. There are no costs to you as we simply take an agreed upon percentage from the proceeds of the sale and INCLUDE everything you will need for Probate purposes.

Our fees for JUNK REMOVAL start from as low as $375. When comparing our prices to any of the leading junk removal companies, we typically charge 25% less than their price.

Contact us for specifics, or to book a free consultation. More Cash, Less Hassle ...Relax, We'll Handle Everything!

Liquidation, Storage Fees Liquidation, Storage Fees:

In most cases, fees are much lower than going to an Auction House - We will beat any written estimate.
- depending on the assignment. Please call to discuss.


Desktop (Short Report with No Site Visit) Appraisal Fees

Delivery Options

To pay by Cheque or other options
or you can:


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Sample Full Appraisal Report_____________________________

Professionally Printed, Coiled Binding, Clear Cover, Premium Black Backing,
Note: Most reports are 20 pages+

Title Page
Detailed Index
Stamped & Sealed - Certification
Full Digital Colored Images


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Appraisal Certified Certificate


It is always best to share the following information to help facilitate expenses and time:

What is the purpose of the report?

What is the intended use of the appraisal?

What is the location and items involved?

What is the level of documentation require?

Gather documentation, sales receipts, certificates, past appraisals, letters, and any other information you might have.

Prepare for the appraisal: have items ready, unlocked and available especially jewelry, separate silver, stems and china; and if possible, pull furniture away from the wall.

CONFIDENTIALITY : All information pertaining to the Appraisal is confidential, per USPAP standards. Access to the report will be granted only with written permission from the client, or by court order. All Appraisals are in compliance with the standards and ethics as set forth in only Creditable Appraisal Associations.