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International financial reporting standards | IFRS

Appraisals of Assets by Certified Canadian Personal Property Appraiser

In 2008 marked the beginning of the impact of IFRS, and at Appraisal Ontario - we are just as committed to provide you with Appraisal Reports that keep you in compliance with those standards.

Commencing in the calender year 2008, all Canadian companies were required to begin reporting on the expected impacts of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Any publicly accountable enterprises are required to adopt the new standards; implications for private companies and not-for-profit organizations are still under discussion.

What does this mean to Canadian companies?

The changeover to IFRS is planned to take full effect in the end of 2011 and with a number of standards being adopted as Canadian GAAP prior to 2011. It is important that you gage the impact adopting IFRS will have on your financial reporting and develop your effective plan.

The key to managing change is preparing for it. Our IFRS Appraisal Experts know that the time to prepare for an imminent change of this magnitude is now. We have educated ourselves to assist you in your Appraisal requirements - to help you anually on the Appraisal of the assets.

Adopting IFRS will have positive effects on global competitiveness and domestic operations, to only make your company ready for international business. The internationally accepted standards of accounting will increase the comparability and transparency of financial information and will therefore allow Canadian companies to be more competitive in the global marketplace through increased access to international capital, funding, and investment opportunities.

In Canada, the benefits are also countless; from reshaping internal management reporting systems, to improving disclosure of financial results, too creating better benchmarking tools. These new standards will bring a renewed level of strategic value to the financial reporting function. Now with the yearly Appraisal of your assets will assure that your accounting is verified by a Certified Personal Property Appraisal by Appraisal Ontario.

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