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Certified - Accredited Personal Property Appraisal - TESTIMONIALS

  • "We have dealt with the Appraiser two times now and both times have been great. He was very informative and helpful during the appraisal process. Both times we received our reports back in a timely manner. I would recommend Appraisal Ontario to anyone looking to have appraisal work done.'
    Repeat client since August 2010 -
    David, Windsor Ontario


    "Excellent Work ! Thank you very much for this. I needed the appraisal asap and if I know someone that needs your services I will let them know. Again thank you."

    Client since Jan 2012 - Surgeo, Toronto Ontario


    "Thank you! Thank you again for the excellent report and immediate attention to our request."

    Repeat client since August 2011 - Tracey, The City of Ottawa


    "Further to my voicemail message left today, this email is to confirm that Appraisal Ontario is the successful applicant for the assignment of Property Inspection and Inventory for the property in South #######..."
    Repeat client since July 2011 - Lori, Ministry of the Attorney General

    "Please note that it may be that we have to get three estimates from different companies one all new tenders - however, I wanted to check with you first as it may be something simple for you to do since you have completed other property reports.'

    March 2012 - Lori, Ministry of the Attorney General

    "Thank you for the promptness in your appraisal, very much appreciated. Please call me and I will give you my credit card number for payment. If there is no answer please leave a msg and I will contact you in a timely manner ."

    Client since Nov 2011 - Derek, Midland Ontario


    "Please send to print and to release the Trust funds. Sorry if my review was to "nit-picky" but I committed to reading it in its entirety and am known for being detail oriented, although admittedly not perfect as things sometimes get overlooked. Thanks and great job on the report! "
    Client Jan 2012 - Mike, Pickering Ontario

    "The service provided by Appraisal Ontario was timely, professional and exactly what we were looking for.  I appreciate the quick turn around time and the quality report that was provided."

    Repeat client since August 2011 Tracey - City of Ottawa

    "Thank you for the quick service.... we will use your services defiantly on a going forward basis. Very professional and impressive detailed report."

    Client September 2012 Mark - London Ontario

    "Please contact me to discuss going over your services to all my clients. Your report is the best written and informative appraisal I have seen in over 13 years. We usually only receive a small report that is black and white, stapled in a fashion that doesn't even compare to what you offer. It would be our pleasure referring your company to all our clients."

    Client September 2012 David - Insurance Broker, London Ontario

    "I cannot believe the professional service that you offer. Very friendly visit and caring representative that came to our house, at a very difficult time in our lives. We appreciate your kindness and openness to provide such a remarkable valuation for my father's estate. Again, thank you I cannot say enough how great your team is!"

    Client September 2012 Wayne - Owen Sound Ontario

    "I have received your report.  Thank you for doing this in a speedy and professional manner. Greatly appreciate it." 

    Client October 2012 Ovais - Toronto Ontario

    "Thanks for your impressive report:  Your turnaround time is impressive.  Look forward to doing more business with you.  thanks"
    Client October 2012 - TD Commercial Banking - Toronto Ontario


    "Words can't describe how pleased we are with you service!

    Client Jan 2013 - Susan - Credit Union, Toronto Ontario

    "We have used other Appraisal Companies before, but are blown away at how Professional you conduct an Appraisal. Very happy with the clear communication from putting everything in writing, to delivering before schedule. All of our work from now on will go to you guys."

    Repeat Clients -March 2013 - Devon - Toronto Ontario

    "I am very pleased with the clear reporting techniques that were used in our Estate Appraisal. The report included more than we expected and are happy with the service you provided us. Keep up the good work and I will definitely be telling my friends about you." 

    Referral - Client March 2013 - Mr. Taylor - London Ontario

    "We had no problem giving a testimonial when your company called weeks latter to make sure that we were satisfied with the services of the Appraiser. The gentleman who came to our house to take pictures and made a very descriptive inventory was a sure sign we were in good hands. Thank you again for an affordable service that helped us out in our circumstances."
    Client May 2013 - Lorraine - Toronto Ontario


    "Very simple to say! Perfection."

    Referral Client May 2013 - Tony - Insurance Agent, Oshawa Ontario

    "If any one asks me who I would recommend for an honest and descriptive appraisal, I would tell them to call you guys. Thank you for understanding and not trying to charge me like the other Appraiser did. Your services are amazing!"

    Referral Client June 2013 - Peter - Sarnia Ontario

    "Many thanks for getting back to me so quickly . . . you are to be commended for your prompt and professional Customer Service !" 

    Client June 2013 Catherine - Toronto Ontario


    Chamber of Commerce - 24th ANNIVERSARY BUSINESS EXCELLENCE AWARDS SEMI-FINALIST "Dear Sir, Congratulations! You have been nominated and selected as a semi-finalist for PROFESSIONAL OF THE YEAR AWARD for 2014 Business Excellence Awards.  The Business Excellence Awards has recognized over 250 business and individual over the past 23 years."
    Director of Events Oct 2013 - Windsor Ontario

    "You have helped us out with our mom's estate, it is difficult enough and you treaded us as part of our family. We cannot thank you enough!..." 

    Client Nov 2013 Sherrie - London Ontario

    "I am truly grateful for your quick response and being able to reach you even on the weekend. The appraisal report was more than i expected and will pass on the good word to all my friends. Again thank you!..." 

    Client Dec 2013 David - Ottawa Ontario

    "We were pleased at the outcome of your values. It actually more information i have ever received from past Appraisers for my antiques and collectable's. You provided fantastic information and descriptive examples of exactly what we needed...." 

    Client Jan 2014 Samantha - Kirkland Lake Ontario

    "Your numbers are on the money, I have not disclosed that I have worked in the car industry. I am a class A mechanic and have worked in the used cars industry.
    I see you you know your stuff thank you.!" 

    Client March 2014 Pete - Claremont Ontario

    "I am very happy with your report. Getting the report on the same day was unbelievable! I have never heard of such services before...." 

    Client March 2014 Joseph - Toronto Ontario

    "I want to build a long term relationship with you, I trust you with giving me honest and reliable values. Can't believe that I never have found you sooner, great reports and thx for always answering my calls...." 

    Client March 2014 Ben - Windsor Ontario

    "Your numbers are on the money. I have not disclosed that I have worked in the car industry. I am a class A mechanic and have worked in the used cars industry.
    I see you you know your stuff thank you. Pete..." 

    Client April 2014 Peter - Claremont Ontario

    "Thank you for the great report! Both Adam and I won't stop telling everyone how easy & honest you have been. We are 100% satisfied with your help on dealing with our Insurance Company...." 

    Client May 2014 Rebecca - London Ontario

    "You have under promised and over delivered with the Appraisal Report. We look forward working with you for all our clients needs. You provide precision overviews and current market comparable's that we can trust...." 

    Client May 2014 Laura - London Ontario

    "Thank you. I am impressed with your fast service and professional certificate. Regards Robert ...." 

    Client August 2014 Robert - Guelph Ontario

    "We cannot thank you enough for helping us there our nightmare dealing with our insurance claim. If it wasn't for your help we would not have received all of our coverage to replace our belongings and to rebuild our house. You are an exceptionable professional, you never took no for an answer...." 

    Client August 2014 Christine - London Ontario


    Chamber of Commerce - 25th ANNIVERSARY BUSINESS EXCELLENCE AWARDS SEMI-FINALIST "Dear Sir, Congratulations! You have been nominated and selected as a semi-finalist for PROFESSIONAL OF THE YEAR AWARD for 2015 Business Excellence Awards.  The Business Excellence Awards has recognized over 250 business and individual over the past 24 years."
    Director of Events Oct 2014 - Windsor Ontario

    "Hi, thanks for sending the appraisals through. I'll take a look and email you tomorrow. Thanks for such great work!" 

    Client Oct 2014 Kristen - Toronto Ontario


    "Amazing. Thanks a lot. You guys are great!" 

    Client Nov 2014 Roozbeh - Toronto Ontario


    "Your online car appraisal was not just easy to do.... but i cannot believe how fast and professional you guys are!" 

    Client Nov 2014 Giuseppe - London Ontario




    more testimonials being posted soon.

  • Why do you require an accredited personal property appraisal?
    • Estate Planning Appraisal
    • Financial Appraisal
    • Divorce / Dissolution
    • Bankruptcy Appraisal
    • Insurance Claims Appraisal
    • Insurance Scheduling
    • Probate Appraisal
    • Trust & Estate Settlements
    • Equitable Divisions
    • Charitable Donations
    • Gift Tax Exemptions
    • Casualty & Disaster Loss
    • Prenuptial Agreements
    • Loan Collateral
    • Expert Witness
    • Litigation Support